Arch Rehearsal Studios - West London

Situated in West London's leafy district of Chiswick, Arch Rehearsal Studio is your local space to make noise!

Our modest, five room rehearsal studio places an emphasis on friendly staff with a down-to-earth attitude. Whether you're a band, small ensemble or solo musician/artist we have the equipment, space and facilities to help you.

As well as being stocked with a generous amount of backline, all of our studios also come with full AC, heating and WiFi, everything you need to keep you going no matter the time of year.

Our on-site tuck shop will keep your sessions rolling smoothly, with everything from your favourite guitar strings and drum sticks, to essentials, such as batteries and plectrums, to a wide array of snacks and drinks on offer!

Don't have your own instruments, or simply can't be bothered to drag them on the tube? Don't worry! We have a selection of cymbals, keyboards and guitars available to use too!

Same Day booking: £8/hr
Solo Booking (weekdays 11-5pm): £5/hr
Evening Slot (Any day 9-11): £25
4 Hr Slot (Weekends Only): £40

Creative Use:
Podcast / Audiobook / Voiceover
Max # of Artists: 10
Rehearsal or Recording?:
Music Genre:
Hip Hop
Acoustic or Amplified?: Amplified & Acoustic
Drum Kit
Piano / Keyboard Type:
Grand Piano
Upright Piano
Electric Keyboard
Pipe Organ
Electric Organ
Drum Kit Type:
PA System
Ballet Barre
Music Stands
Vocal Booth
Air Conditioning
Kitchen Facilities
Free Parking
Tea & Coffee
Floor: Carpet
Sound Proofed Room: Yes
Step Free Access: Yes
Venue Policies: ARCH STUDIOS – TERMS & CONDITIONS By booking a rehearsal session at Arch Studios you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing on behalf of the customer to abide by the studio terms and conditions as detailed below. 1. Bookings, Payment & Cancellations 1.a Booking method - bookings can be made by the following methods and are not valid until confirmed • Email: • Phone: 0208 747 1116 • In person at Arch Studios. 1.b Due to demand, we are unable to take provisional bookings – all bookings are treated as confirmed bookings. We are unable to do booking reminders. 1.c Booking a rehearsal – Times and dates of bookings are subject to availability and approval from a member of the Arch Studios team. Arch Studios reserve the right to refuse and/or reschedule in circumstances beyond their control and by doing so, Arch Studios will not be held responsible for any financial loss or consequence to the customer. 1.d Payment at Arch Studios is due upon arrival by CASH ONLY. Block bookings that are a larger amount may be paid via bank transfer as long as it is confirmed with a member of the Arch studios team. 1.e First time record labels, management companies etc. who wish to book time for a band or artist on an invoice basis need to arrange payment terms in advance. 1.f Block Bookings – Block Bookings are bookings comprising of 5 or more sessions. A 20% discount is applied to the total amount of these block bookings if the full amount of the block bookings is paid upfront on the day of the first rehearsal via cash or bank transfer. Once the sessions are booked, they can be rescheduled but they cannot be refunded. Sessions are subject to 48-hour cancellation policy. This offer cannot be combined with any other special offer. 1.g Arch Studios uphold a 48 HR cancellation period. Cancellations are to be made no later than 48 hours before bookings are due to commence or the full amount for the session will still be charged. For customers who wish to cancel or move a booking, at least 48 hours’ notice is required for any session. 1.h Bookings cannot be changed or moved without the required notice and within the chargeable cancellation period. For example, a bookings duration cannot be reduced within the 48 HR cancellation period. 1.i Once a session has been cancelled, the cancellation is not reversible, whether a charge has been incurred or not. Arch Studios reserves the right to offer the sessions to other customers who need it. 1.j Customers who do not turn up for a booked session (where the session has not been paid for in full, in advance) will need to clear the relevant cancellation charge in advance of any further bookings being made. It is not possible to settle the outstanding amount at the next session. 1.k Customers who have an outstanding cancellation charge may have any further booked sessions taken out the diary until the outstanding amount is cleared. 1.l Arch Studios does not offer credit services of any kind (except in the case of invoice customers). All sessions need to be paid for either in advance, where necessary, or at the end of the session, unless alternative arrangements have been directly agreed with the Manager. 1.m It is the responsibility of the customer to pay in full the cost of each session prior to or on the day of rehearsal. Customers must pay any outstanding balance in full within the terms outlined on the invoice. Arch Studios reserve the right to take any reasonable steps to recover any outstanding debt. 2. Rooms & Equipment 2.a Each room comes with full backline as standard: 2 Guitar Amps; 1 Bass Amp; Vocal PA; 2 Mics with stands; Drum kit. And a set of cymbals (1 Hi hat set, 1 Crash, 1 Ride). Additional Mics and XLR’s are available from reception for no extra cost. 2.b Drum kit, cymbals and accessories - the cymbals and stand accessories for each drum kit in any studio are held in reception. It is the customer’s responsibility to collect these items prior to each session and return them in the same condition. Should cymbal damage or missing items be discovered on return, the customer will be responsible for any associated costs. 2.c Microphones and XLRS - The Microphones and XLR Cables for each studio are held in reception. It is the customer’s responsibility to collect these items prior to each session and return them in the same condition. Should damage or missing items be discovered on return, the customer will be responsible for any associated costs. 2.d The equipment spec for each room may vary from time to time, without notice. If you require specific equipment or additional equipment, please check availability with a member of the Arch Studios team at the time of booking. 2.e Arch Studios equipment and rooms are regularly safety-checked; however, customers agree to use Arch Studios equipment at their own risk. 2.f Customers bringing their own equipment in the studio do so at their own risk. Customers must ask an Arch Studios staff member for help if they are unsure of anything or have any set-up or compatibility issues. 2.g Customers’ needs to pay attention to the equipment notices in each room. Customers who deliberately misuses or are negligent towards Arch Studios equipment, resulting in equipment damage, may be liable for repair/replacement costs. 2.h Additional Instrument Hire – additional instruments and equipment may be hired from reception subject to availability. Payment and other terms and conditions apply, please enquire with a member of the Arch Studios team. 2.i Customers cannot reconfigure the equipment in the rooms without prior consent from a member of Arch Studios staff. 2.j Please place any rubbish generated in the bins provided. 2.k Rehearsal times - Customers must start packing away their equipment 5 minutes before their session ends. This is so the next customers are not delayed in starting their session and the studio can close promptly at the end of the day. 2.l Each studio must be vacated strictly by the end of the allotted booking time and returned in the same condition as that offered by Arch Studios at the commencement of the session. Each studio will be offered to the customer in a clean and tidy manner. 2.m Should any studio not be clear of equipment or customers at the end of the booking time, Arch Studios reserves the right to charge an additional fee at no less than a pro-rata rate of the original booking fee. 3. Age Policy 3.a Arch Studios has an over 16 policy. Younger customers need to be accompanied by an adult. Proof of age may be required. 3.b Children are brought onto premises at their parents/guardian’s risk and must be directly supervised at all times by a parent/guardian. It is not the responsibility of Arch Studios staff to supervise any children on the premises. Children cannot be left unaccompanied at any time. 4. Car Parking 4.a There is a car park allocated in Welstead way, 1 min walk from Arch Studios. Customers need to check with Arch Studios staff if they are unsure of where they can park. Arch Studios will not take responsibility for any tickets/clamping/towing as a result of cars being parked in restricted areas. 4.b Vehicles are left entirely at their owner’s risk. 5. Filming & Photography 5.a Any professional filming and or photoshoots at Arch Studios are charged at a special rate and must be verified with the management. Arrangements for this must be made in advance. 6. General & Safety 6.a Earplugs - Arch Studios encourage the use of earplugs in the rehearsal studio environment. Please ensure that used disposable ear plugs are properly disposed of in the bins provided and not left discarded in the rehearsal rooms. Should a customer require earplugs, earplugs are sold at reception. 6.b Personal possessions - Arch Studios are not responsible for any items lost or damaged whilst on the premises. Personal possessions should not be left unattended. 6.c Customers are responsible for providing accurate information to Arch Studios staff, regarding who is on the premises with them, in case of any emergency. 6.d There can be no more than 3 visitors in any room, at any time. If visitor numbers are going to exceed 3, prior notification is needed. 6.e It is the customer’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the clearly marked fire/emergency exit. 6.f Customers who have any special requirements with regards to access into the building, and/or with regards to the facilities within the building, need to liaise with Arch Studios staff prior to their session. 6.g Lost Property – Arch Studios will keep lost property for a period of 8 weeks from the date of discovery. Items will be disposed of after this time. 6.h Any customer found interfering with fire extinguishers, safety equipment, electrical equipment or any other studio fitting will be removed from the premises, barred and charged for any damaged caused. Arch Studios reserves the right to change or amend these Terms & Conditions without notice. Bookings are taken on the understanding that customers are familiar with, and accept, the above Terms & Conditions.