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Nevo Sound is a large-scale, cutting edge music production studio where analogue meets digital, creating the perfect hybrid arena. Specialising in high-end production, mixing and mastering, owner Yoad Nevo’s studio has a large client base of high profile artists.

The state-of-the-art studio is acoustically designed for precision and is centred around a custom Neve 5116 console; ATC monitoring; fully loaded digital editing suite; a unique and rare analogue and digital synths collection – one of the largest in Europe; walls of electric and acoustic guitars; exotic and rare stringed instruments; and plenty of percussion instruments and sound-making toys.

Dubbed 'a musician’s playground', the studio was custom built and designed for Producer/Mixer Yoad Nevo to provide an inspiring environment for musicians and sound engineers alike. The studio facilitates 5.1 surround mixing and audio post production with ADR facilities. Yoad says: "I really believe musicians and engineers want to work in a large room full of instruments, full of analogue and digital gear, where everything is hooked up all the time. This is how inspired records happen." To find out more about Nevo Sound Studio, get in touch with the team.

Gear List
NEVE 5116, 64/96
TFpro M16- 16 channels class A transformer based Mixer/PreAmp
Soundcraft Ghost 32/64
T.F API clone 28/4
N.O.S 32 Input Summing Mixer

2x ATC SCM-100
2x ProAc Studio 110
4x Quested F11
2x KRK RoKit
2x Alesis Pro Linear 720 Studio Monitor
2x Spirit Absolute 2
1x KRK V12s Active Sub Bass

Avid ProTools 12 HD System
3x Avid HD I/O 16×16 (48 Analog In/Out)
3x Pulsar 2 (18 Sharc DSP) SFP system (48 Digital in/out)
Digidesign ProTools MixPlus System
Digidesign Sync I/O
Digidesign 003
Digidesign 888/24 converter
Digidesign 882 converter
Digidesign Adat Bridge/24
2x Swissonic D/A 24 converter
2x Swissonic A/D 24 converter
MOTU 2408
2x MOTU Midi Timepiece2
2x MOTU Midi Timepiece AV
MOTU Traveler
Emagic Unitor8
Emagic AMT8
Opcode Studio3
Opcode Studio4

Apple Mac Pro 12 Core Xeon E5, 32Gb Ram
Apple Mac Pro 8 core Xeon 2.8Ghz, 16GB Ram
Apple Macbook Pro 2GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB Ram
Apple Macbook Pro 2GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB Ram
Apple G4 500 Mhz
Amd 2GHz PC

Neumann U87
2x Neumann 86i
Aston Spirit
SE Gemini I
SE Gemini II
2x SE3
Bayerdynamic Drum Kit Mic set (Kick + 3 Toms)
4x Shure SM58
Shure SM58 Transformerless Mod
Shure SM58 Beta
Shure SM57
2x SE 2200
3x Sennheiser e604
Sennheiser e602
Crown PZM
2x AKG C1000S
2x AKG D321
AKG D3700
Sony ECM-NV1
Blue Baby Bottle
Soundking SKEC002/B
Studio Projects C1
Fostex M501
AKG D3700S
AKG D112

AKG K270
Bayer Dynamic DT100
Fostex T20
Senheizer HD25-1
2x Sennheiser HD 201
Vivanco SR 620

Analogue Synths
Moog Minimoog Model D
2x Roland SH-101
Roland Juno 106 (Kiwi mod)
Roland JX3P (Kiwi mod)
Roland JX10
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Arp Solina
Arp Chroma Polaris
Korg MS10
Korg Polysix (Kiwi mod)
Korg Poly800 M2/Polybeast mods
Yamaha CS70M
Oberheim Matrix 6R
3x Waldorf Pulse
Jen SX1000 (CV/Gate)
Polivox (midi)
2 x Dave Smith Tetra
Dave Smith Mofo
Arturia Minibrute
Arturia Microbrute
Novation Bass Station 2
Novation Bass Station
Novation Bass Station Rack
Farfisa VIP600
Akai AX73
Eko Ekosynth
Powertran Transcendent 2000
Freebass FB383/Acid FM mods
Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine

Digital Synths
Waldorf MicroWave/XT
Waldorf MicroQ Rack
Access Virus
E-mu Proteus/XR
E-mu Morpheus
Roland JV-2080
Roland JP800
Roland MT-32
Yamaha AN1x
Yamaha SY77
Yamaha FB-01
Yamaha TG33
Korg Prophecy
Kawai K-4R
Kawai K-5R
Akai S1000
Akai S2000
Akai S3000
Alesis QSR
M-Audio Axium 25 Keyboard
Midiman Oxigen8 Keyboard
Roland PC180A Keyboard
Yamaha Clavinova CLP20
Casio CZ3000
Casio SA-6
Casio VL Tone
Casio PT-20

Drum Machines
Roland TR909
Alesis DM5
Yamaha DD-12

Electric Guitars
Gibson SG 1974
Gibson The Paul 1979
Fender Stratocaster 1977
Fender Stratocaster with EMG pickup 1995
Fender Telecaster 2003
Fender Telecaster Baritone 2013
Yamaha SG2000 1978
Ibanez Jazz Guitar 1978
Carvin Double Neck 1974
Westfield Electric Guitar 2005

Electric Basses
Ken Smith Burner Bass
Ibanez Electric Bass

YAMAHA Maple Custom 4 piece Drum kit + Yamaha Snare, Zildjian Cymbals, Zildjian Hi-Hat, Paste Hi-Hat

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