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Got a song in your head that you need to come to life? Book a production session for ultimate creative purging.NBMR is designed to be a “make noise and explore” kind of room. All the amps, drums, synths, and pedals you need to get the best sound from the back of your mind to the front of the track. £200 a day.

Get your songs recorded. Tracking as a basic session means you can leave with your raw stems in hand. The price includes all the gear you need in the room. Simultaneous tracking available to 4 to 5 piece bands max. £150 a day.

Drum Tracking using the in-studio Gretsch Catalina Club kit or your own kit - with a selection of set ups, cymbals and skins. Close mic, room mic and ambient mic set ups. Deliverable as processed or as raw stem options at the end of the session. £100 a day raw / £200 processed.

Use NBMR to practise your licks or rudiments on any of the instruments available here. The amps and pedals are available to use, too. Or teach your students in the comfort of the soundproofed studio room. £55 per hour.

If you are looking to workshop a piece of music, create something new, overdub instruments or vocals, or anything else you can think of, feel free to get in touch and we will accommodate your needs. Also available: Mixing, Mastering, Distribution and Arrangement. Email for enquiries

Also:If your service is not specifically listed, please get in touch anyway and we’ll do our best to accommodate even the wildest of ideas. The important thing is getting the idea out of your head and into fruition!

Equipment list:


Track drums, guitars, bass, vocals, keys and anything you can make sound with. We can track 4/5 piece rock bands comfortably. With a selection of top-class microphones, pro studio equipment and software, your recordings will sound crisp and professional upon delivery. A selection of guitars, amps, pedals, cymbals, string sizes and other customisable options are available.

Equipment list, November 2018:

Ableton Live 10,

Studio One 4,

18 simultaneous audio channels,

Full drum kit + close mics,

Bass guitar preamps,

30+ guitar fx pedals,

Line 6 Helix Floor

Fender amps,

Orange Amps,

Engl amps,

2x12 cabs,

1x12 cabs,

Line 6 PowerCab Plus

An array of microphones inc. Sontronics and SE,




PRS Custom 24,

Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Precision Bass,

Midi keyboards,

1000's of software sounds for synths.

Expansive mixing tools.

Expansive Mastering tools.

There is a communal kitchen and chill out area with tea, coffee, biscuits, fridge and microwave. There are also loads of food options around the area.

Max # of Musicians: 5
Musician Type: Instrumentalists and/or Vocalists
Genre: Rock
Acoustic or Amplified?: Amplified & Acoustic
Drum Kit
Music Stands
PA System
Air Conditioning
Kitchen Facilities
Free Parking
Sound Proofed Room: Yes
Step Free Access: No
Venue Policies: Don't smoke inside, make noise.

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